About Us

At CAMI, we wish to offer our personal rendition of modern cuisine with an innovative gastronomic, take on traditional cooking methods and the legacy of our shared food heritage, accompanied by our Mixology Bar, a fine and exquisite selection of cocktails in the best atmosphere, which will make your experience even better. We regard it as a personal challenge to help bring the features of modern cuisine and let its distinctive flavors and particular regional character brighten up New York City and the rest of the world.

Welcome to CAMI


In 2021, we opened our doors in the heart of Washington Heights, since then, we’ve been dedicated to bring the best of the Modern Cuisine to our guests, not only to New Yorker but to hundreds of tourists from around the world that we proudly served during their visit to The Big Apple.


Our mission is to give our guests one of a kind experience by offering the best food and service in the best ambiance in New York. For us at CAMI, quality is our top priority. We are inspired by our people, our community, and people around the world that enjoy our dishes in every bite.


To exceed the expectations of our guests by being committed to excellence and dedicated to the quality of our food and service.


We will continually strive to exceed our own achievements and be recognized as leaders in our industry.